Outcomes #GlobalDebout 7-8 May

The different workshops organized during the GlobalDebout International Meeting of May 7th&8th, decided together on various initiatives including a common action, with hundreds of activists from all over the world.

GLOBALDEBOUT action will be held on SUNDAY 15MAY in many cities around the world, calling for the occupation of public spaces where assemblies can take place, so people can gather, debate and decide on next steps.Also on May 15th at 20h00 (CET), we will all be connected through a simultaneous Mobaction consisting on: kneeling down on the floor of our squares for one minute and then rising up while shouting (all wearing colourful clothes for this day). Share your videos and photos of this moment!

After the plenary session of the 8th, a working group including international participants worked on a boycott project and developed some ideas (more information coming soon) to launch a common boycott on May 15th, for all movements participating in Global Debout.

In regards to communication and social networks, we have decided a common design line that includes slogans and symbols, but keeping in mind the decentralised nature of our communication: think global, act local. Each city will develop its own slogan, accompanied by the global slogan

“They have millions, We are billions!”.

For May 15th, we will be using the same hashtag everywhere. We will contact you with the definitive HT and in the meantime we will all use #GlobalDebout or #YOURCITYDebout. This way we will be able to gather all materials produced: videos, photos, memes, gifs and streamings towards 15May.
In addition, we suggest each local group to include ”contacts with local press” in their communication strategies.

We will set up a global streaming for 15may with streamers in each city available from a common web stream (more details to come), allowing each square to project livestreams of different squares around the world. For this, we need contacts of at least one volunteer from every city. Please contact GD Live Telegram group.

We have also pointed out the need of solidarity between squares;

“If they touch one of us, they touch all of us”.


On May 15th, let’s act!
In our neighbourhoods, our towns, our villages.
It is time to connect, to stand up all together.
On May 15th, let’s occupy public spaces all over the world, for a GlobalDebout.
They have millions, we are billions!


All the reports of the 7 & 8 are here  https://wiki.nuitdebout.fr/wiki/Villes/Paris/International


Links to stay tuned and organise towards 15th May GlobalDebout:
GlobalDebout website:
Facebook GlobalDebout

Map of all the events launched around the world
(if your local event is not displayed yet on this map, please do not hesitate and add it).
GlobalDebout Telegram channel (informative channel only).

If you have doubts and/or need technical support, you can contact:
contact[at]hackingdebout.fr – for developers and graphic designers
intnuitdebout[at]riseup.net – for other infos


Thanks for all your energy, support, engagement and creativity!
International Commission NuitDebout République

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