#GlobalDebout Programme

This meeting is intended for activists and citizens all over the world. Please fill out this document to let us know about your expectations and needs.

FRIDAY NIGHT Greeting the international participants, presentation of the week-end’s program

SATURDAY MORNING: International popular assembly

1/ Presentation of the week-end’s program, brief explanation of NuitDebout’s history
2/ Presentations by international activists to share their experiences and initiatives, open reactions from the Assembly

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: International solidarity and organisation of #‎GlobalDebout (15th of May)

1/ Four workshops to debate initiatives, strategies and practices used in social movements tackling international questions. Particularly given the current environmental context, migration issues, neoliberal economy, Tafta/TTIP, European treaties, amongst others.

  • 1st group: “resistance” social movements (ex: targeted actions, strikes, demonstrations, direct actions, social media campaigns). This session will discus actions and tactics used by social movements.
  • 2nd group: social movements building “alternatives to the system” (ex.: ZADs, squats, autonomous zones). This session will discuss models and how to build resilience; such as zadists, squatters, autonomous zones.
  • 3rd group: “political incidence” social movements (ex.: citizen initiatives, law proposals, citizen platforms, new models of democracy…)
  • 4th group: Towards a transnational social movement? (e.g.: communication & social media as tools to expand our movements; the effects movements have on each other, as with 15M and Nuit Debout)

2/ Workshops: how can we think and organise together the #GlobalDebout day on May 15th?
Strategy meetings to organise these decentralised mobilizations: tactics, communication, content and action.

SATURDAY EVENING: Music, food & fun

SUNDAY : Debates and discussions relating to international themes

1/ Thematic assemblies and workshops organised by international and local groups and Paris’ Nuit Debout commissions.
Themes suggested so far: shale gas, nuclear energy and the environment;  wars, migrant crises and the European Union; austerity, poverty and debt; Tafta; labour laws and labour market; neoliberalism.

2/ General assembly presenting Saturday’s conclusions

3/ Closing action (surprise !)

Contact : intnuitdebout[at]riseup.net
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Twitter @GlobalDebout

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