Global Debout Mobilisation on May 15th

On this Sunday May 15th, citizens from around the world are in the squares!

Tomorrow on Sunday May 15th, 2016 (76th March of the Nuit Debout’s calendar), it is Global Debout day. Following the international call of Nuit Debout Paris from last April 15th (March 46th) to occupy public spaces worldwide, to gather together, express themselves and take back politics into their hands; 130 foreign cites worldwide have responded. All together, let us rise. French cities have also replied and 266 of them will rise up on this Sunday May 15th.

As part of Global Debout, various occupied public spaces from around the world and France will be interconnected and each assembly or person online will be able to follow any of the Nuit Debout’s events worldwide. The popular Assembly of Nuit Debout Paris will also have a space for the Nuit Debout’s around the world to speak and deliver their message live from London, Barcelona and all other cities, to the people gathered on Place de la République.

The Nuit Debouts from around the world will launch together a common campaign aiming to promote alternative solutions to products from multinational companies; those chosen as the most disputed by citizens participating online. The name of the 1st brand will be unveiled at 6.45 PM. A symbolic action, illustrating the people rising up, will be performed at 8 PM (CET time) by all confirmed Nuit Debouts that will participate in the 15M.

Nuit Debout Paris has occupied the Place de la République for a month and a half and has hosted the international meeting that gathered in Paris more than 200 participants from Europe and around the world on last May 7th and 8th. in order to build the internationalisation of Nuit Debout, this Sunday May 15th (March 76th) will be rich in initiatives, actions, debates and emotions.

After Ravel’s Bolero played by the Orchestre Debout at 3 PM, the square will be set on fire by Danakil with their reggae sound before the exchanges via online-conference calls start at 6.30 PM, connecting the assembly of Place de la République and the other cities around the world and France.

Sunday May 15th, is also the anniversary of the Spanish Indignados (15M). More than 40 Spanish cities will rise up (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, etc.). Five years ago this movement was born at Puerta del Sol in Madrid and gathered hundreds of thousands of citizens on hundreds of public squares around the country.

The causes of the social, economical and environmental disasters are global (climate change, migration issues, tax evasion, corruption, austerity measures, etc.). The solutions coming from citizens around the world are global and initiatives are local.

Programme of GlobalDebout in Paris, Place de la République:

– 15h: Orchestre Debout (Ravel’s Bolero)
– 16h: Danakil’s concert
– 18h30 to 18h45: Opening and presentation of GlobalDebout (and the international meeting that occured on last weekend in Paris, May 7-8th)
– 18h45 to 19h: Launch of the international campaign #Nolist
– 19h to 20h: Shared testimonies of cities around the world (video)
– 20h : GlobalDebout symbolic action
Press contact : intnuitdebout[at]

International call
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Facebook event May 15th
Map of Cities Debout

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