Call from ‘Nuit Debout Paris’ to a permanent occupation of the Republic Square


In reaction to police and legal activist repression, forbidden demonstrations, entrapping itineraries, government bullying the parliament and other democracy stampedes, we Nuit Debout Paris together with Global Debout, call to join us for a permanent occupation of the Place de la République starting as soon as possible and latest tuesday june 28th after next big national demonstration. Together, united, converging towards a permanent village in wich we will resist, think the world ahead, stay massive and strong to reject the inability to listen, respect or hear voice of citizens standing against the Loi de Travail (labour law reform) and its world, and that until July 10h at least.


This call from the “Assemblée de coordination” of Nuit Debout Paris is for buddies from all regions, cities, villages, forests, friendly countries or micronations.

Beyond shamefully authoritarian French government, it is the European Commission that has been pushing for this bill, expanding its austerity policy. Thus are we calling the whole European people to join us in defending freedom.

Let’s all come together in Paris, let’s REALLY not go home, let’s unite against the political violence of those who organise regression.


Join us!


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